Puno – Chucuito – Aramumuro – Juli –  Tiawanaco (Bolivia) – La Paz


07:30 am.: Departure to Tiawanaco by the Aymara route the first place touristic is Chucuito town known as “City of the royal boxes” here we visit INKAUYO or Temple of Fertility.

Then we are going to visit to Aramumuro, door cut into the rock, the repository of many legends and responsible of the most puzzling phenomena of the plateau as strange noises or bright lights appearances which soon attract the attention of several researchers in the world. Also known as “Hayumarca” Aymara term that means the “City of Spirits”.

Continuing with our visits we arrive Juli known as “Little Rome of America” has an heritage of 10,000 years old. Their testimonies are numerous, from the monuments of stone of the Sillumocco, Tiawanaco, Lupaqa and Inca cultures. Part of this heritage is represented by contrails, monoliths,walls, chullpas and temples. Juli has the honor of being one of the first American cities where has install the printer, run by the Jesuits between 1599 and 1612, there printed the first works in Aymara and Spanish bilingual, dedicated to spreading the Christian doctrine.

Finally we arrive to Tiawanaco, Ancient archaeological site located in the Bolivian highlands on the eastern bank of the river Tiwanaku to 15 km southeast of Lake Titicaca, for the Department of La Paz. The city of Tiwanaku is characterized by its architecture decorated with reliefs and drawings placed on stelae; is composed of seven important architectural constructions: Kalasasaya, Temple Semi-subterraneo, Akapana Pyramid, the Door Sun and Puma Punku.

04:00 pm.: Departure to La Paz – Bolivia. 


  • Transfers to all tours.
  • Bilingual guide.
  • Tickets entrance to Chucuito, Aramumuro, Juli, Tiawanaco (Bolivia).
  • Transfer to the bus station in/out.


On excursions Bring warm clothes, sunscreen,hat or cap 


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